When fashion meets safety

Shamir Occupational Health and Safety’s popular Eyres safety eyewear range is now available with mirror coatings.


Shamir Eyres 150 Bercy black safety eyewear comes in a cool blue mirror lens finish, while Eyres 747 Iceberg sports a stylish bold red mirror finish. Both models are certified medium-impact safety glasses with the polarised lenses providing 99.9% UV protection.


The Bercy frame is made of a thermally responsive material to provide optimum fit and comfort by adapting to the wearer’s face shape whilst protecting against flying particles. The peripheral vision allows the user to experience optimal performance and visual acuity. “With no metal parts, it’s the ideal frame for electrical work and tough environments,” said Shamir in a company announcement.


The Iceberg model comes with water repellent polarised lenses to help reduce moisture build up whilst providing protection from UV rays and eliminating glare, enhancing visual comfort and clarity.


The Eyres safety eyewear models offer the highest impact requirements of Australian and New Zealand safety standards, making them perfect for everyday wear and for those requiring certified PPE for work, sport and play, Shamir said.


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