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Elaine Silk

PO Box 1300

Nelson 7040

Tel: 03 539 4994



Contact: Elaine Silk

Mob: 027 510 8265


• Complete practice design service

• Frame display and cabinetry design

• Practice face-lifts

What does the appearance of your practice

say about you, your product and your place

in the market?

To succeed in the eye care arena, you have

to provide a great patient experience on the

clinical side and a great dispensing

experience on the optical side. Every

practice owner will have their own ideas and

philosophies, but every practice needs a

design that is visually engaging and clinically

efficient – Elaine’s skills lie in balancing

those elements.


PO Box 77-007

Mt Albert

Auckland 1350

958 New North Road

Mt Albert

Auckland 1025

Tel: 09-849-2140



Contact: Mark Greenland, Managing Director

Indesign have over 30 years’ experience specialising in retail and healthcare environments.
We offer reliable and practical advice, including existing and new site appraisals to assess
suitability, layout and physical constraints and lease provisions, planning fitout budgets and
realistic timelines.

Our creative team can deliver innovative design solutions for the most challenging sites and
bespoke fixture and fitout designs to make your practice stand out in the crowd.

Visit the indesign website to see some of our recent work and contact Mark Greenland for a
‘free’ initial consultation.

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