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Designs For Vision New Zealand

PO Box 38365


Auckland 2014

Freephone: 0800 338 800

Contact: Ralph Thompson (Optometry diagnostic)


Mob: 021 990 200

Contact: Gian Victoria (Ophthalmology diagnostic)


Mob: 021 534 198

DFV Products

• Apollo. A hand held LED Blue and White illumination with magnification

• Illuminated 6 meter Visual Acuity chart, Artemis

• Punctal Plugs, Gauges and Dry Eye Management

• Temporary inserts

• Tear Flow controllers and Colour Bar Schirmer Tear Test


• Consulting furniture systems


• Illuminated Distance Charts and Light Boxes

• Distance and Near vision tests

• ETDRS Charts and Light Boxes

Gulden Ophthalmics

• Colour Vision Tests, Diagnostic Tools, Contact lens Tools, Dry Eye Tools, Eye Drop Trays/Organisers, Eye Sheilds, Eye Models, Occluders, Paediatric Tools, Practice Eyes, Prisms, Test cards, Trial Lenses, Flippers, Vision Screening Tools, Vision Therapy and pocket ophthalmoscope

• Digital Auto Refractor and Keratometer

• Digital Phoropter

• Digital Lensmeter


• iCare ic100 Tonometer for rapid consistent IOP measurement

• iCare ic200 Tonometer for rapid consistent IOP measurement and clinical use

• iCare HOME Tonometer for self IOP measurement


• Lensmeters, Phoropter Heads, Trial Lens Sets and Trial Frames

Innova S4 Optik

• Chair and Stand systems

• Instrument tables


• Ophthalmoscopes, Retinoscopes, BIOs, Tonometers and a wide range of Vision Testing Charts and Devices

• Symphony Slitlamps with Digital Imaging Camera plus Software

• Video Vantage Digital Wireless BIO with Capture Software

LKC Technologies

• Ophthalmic electro diagnostic systems for ERG, VEP, EOG, MF.ERG, etc

• RETeval Visual Electrodiagnostic Device


• Trial lens sets, Ret Racks and Prism Bars


• Corvis ST - Corneal Visualisation Scheimflug Tonometer for Corneal Bio-mechanical properties measurement

• Visual field analsyers, Corneal Topography systems, NEW Pentacam, trial frames, exophthalmometers and other diagnostic devices

• KERATOGRAPH 5M Corneal Topographer and Dry Eye Analysis with anterior imaging and Pupilometry


• Antibacterial Manuka eye drops


• Slit Lamps

• Chair and stand options, double Instrument table

• Rodacam Slit Lamp imaging

• Rodachart Visual Acuity Testing

• Phorovist Phoroptors

• Autorafractor Keratometer

• Lensmeter Options

• Perimat Perimeter

Stereo Optical Company

• Stereo Fly Tests, Random Dot, Teller Acuity cards and Colour Vision tests


• A and B Scan systems, Auto Lens meters and TMS Corneal Topographers

• Auto refractor, keratometer and topography systems

• Anterior Segment OCT CASIA 2


• All-in-one Visual Acuity System with 22inch LCD Monitor

• Polarised screen options


• The world leader in Glass Slit Lamp, BIO and Gonio diagnostic lenses
• Volk Pictor Hand Held Non Myd Fundus Camera

Device Technologies NZ Ltd

47 Arrenway Drive

PO Box 302 413


Auckland 0751

Freephone: 0508 338 423



Sales enquiries:

Contact: Regan Clark



• RM-800 – Standalone Autorefractor

• KR-800 – Autorefractor/Auto Keratometer

• KR-800S Autorefractor/Auto Keratometer and Subjective VA for near and distance

• TRK-2P – 4 –in-one: Tono-, Pachy- Refracto-, and Keratometer

• KR-1W – Autorefractor /Auto Keratometers, Wavefront Analysers and Topographer




Brand “agnostic” Ophthalmic image data management system (Multi-site capable)

Integrates images and reports from over 180 ophthalmic devices for viewing, manipulation, storage, archiving and patient information retrieval Diabetic retinopathy reporting

IMAGEnet 6

Image-manipulation, -storage, -archiving and information retrieval

Ophthalmic Units (Chair and Stands)


• IS-1D – 3 instruments chair and stand systems

• IS-1P – 2 instruments “slide-in” chair and stand systems

• IS-600III – 2 instruments “swivel-in” chair and stand” systems

Wheelchair accessible- and table lift- options available

Individual and multi instrument equipment tables available



• AP-250 – Static Perimetry

• AP-250BY – Static Perimetry, blue/yellow

• AP-300 – Kinetic Static Perimetry, white/white, blue/yellow



• CL-300 – Computerised Lensmeter

• LM-8 – Manual Vertometer

Vision charts


• PC-50 – 19” LCD chart compatible with CV-5000


• CP-400 – 22” LCD chart

• CP-600P – 24” LCD chart

Vision Testers


• CV-5000 – Computerised refractor head

• VT-10 – Manual refractor head

Eyeline Optical

Unit 3, 28 Bridge Street


Lower Hutt 5010

Tel: 04 282 1054

Freephone: 0508 11 44 77

Freefax: 0800 11 44 77



Contact: Chandresh

• ARD-Amsler monitoring cards refill pads

• ARD-Amsler manual

• Baby/child’s trial frames

• BOTT Confrontation Target Wand

• Bulbs and Lamps

• Chin rest tissues - universal

• Colour tests

• Contact lens vial trays

• Cross cyls

• Evans Near Unit

• Eyeline ‘Churchward’ Snellen notation wall charts (large range)

• Fixation disparity near units

• Flippers - 4 empty cells on handle

• Flippers - confirmation, metal slide, powers ±0.25 to ±2.00 (inclusive)

• Freeman Near Unit

• Hamilton-Veale - Visual training materials

• Hand held Occluders

• Howell Phoria Test (Near and Distance)

• Illiterate E (Rolling E) wall chart (Snellen notation)

• Ishihara and Farnsworth colour tests

• Kay picture charts (childs) and fixation sticks

• LogMAR Charts and near test

• Maddox wing test

• Mask occluders

• Near point and vocational test types

• Oculus Trial Frames

• PD Rules - large selection ex UK

• Penlights for Ocular examination

• Pin Hole occluders - hand held

• Polarised goggles - Grey @ 45° and 135°

• Polarised visor - Grey @ 45° and 135°

• Polarised red-green and blue-red goggles

• Prism bar sets

• RAF near point rule

• Reading cards - large range

• Good-lite products

• Stereo tests

• TNO stereo test

• Trial Frames - Universal (black type)

• Trial lens sets

• Trial lens replacements

• Wall test type charts

- LogMAR

- Snellen

• Wall test type charts - Snellen Notation - (big range)

• Worth 4 dot test

Ophthalmic Instrument Company (O.I.C)

PO Box 36475


Auckland 0748

Unit 12, 77 Porana Road


Auckland 0627

Tel: 09 443 0072

Fax: 09 443 0225

Freefax: 0508 20 20 20

Email: or

Contact: Tim Way or Chris Malicdem

Birmingham Optical Group

• Trial lenses and frames, near vision units, near reading tests, PD rules, distance charts, test cabinets, torches, RAF rules, wing tests, Bagolini lenses, Burton lamps, etc


• Slit Lamps, Digital LCD Charts, Keratometers


• Offer the widest range of chair/stand units, lens cabinets, tables and stools in NZ, all custom built to your requirements and choice of colour and materials


• LEA Hyvarinen charts. LogMAR and general vision testing products


• Charts


• Trial lenses and frames, cross cyls., PD gauge, Ishihara tests, projector charts, Slit Lamps, Keratometers, Refraction chair/ stand


• Colour tests, tables, acuity testers, perimetry, corneal topography, digital imaging


• Trial lenses and cabinets, ret racks, prism bars, flipper test, confirmation tests, spherical twirls, cross cyls

Ocular Instruments

• Diagnostic lenses, biomicroscopy lenses, indirect ophthalmoscopy lenses, tables


• Hess screens, Lees screens, Torches, Goggles, etc

Stereo Optical

• Stereo tests, vision screeners, F.A.C.T. tests, pre-school randot tests

Sussex Vision

• Trial lenses, torches, near test charts and eye charts

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