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Eyeline Optical

PO Box 30213

Lower Hutt 5040

Unit 3, 28 Bridge Street

Lower Hutt 5010

Tel: 04 282 1054

Freephone: 0508 11 44 77

Freefax: 0800 11 44 77



Contact: Cisca / Chandresh

• 3M Avgard hand antiseptic

• 3M Triclosan surface disinfectant

• Anti-fog lens gel

• Anti-mist spray

• Contact lens polish

• Frame polishers

• Lab polishing waxes

• Lens sprays

• Lens marking removal liquid

• Lens marking removal pens and refills

• Polishing mops and brushes

• Sygney anti-bacterial surface tissue wipes

• Ultrasonic bath cleaning solution

• CentroStyle ‘Wet-Ones’ moisturised anitbacterial lens cleaning tissues in hermatically sealed sachets

• CentroStyle anitbacterial lens cleaner spray - for all lens and all coatings - also with fragrances

• CentroStyle Anti-Mist spray (Anti-fog) - for all lens and all coatings

Optica Life Accessories

5 Moncur Place

Christchurch 8024

Tel: 0508 96 33 33 / 03 982 9898

Fax: 03 982 9696


Contact: Phillippa Dobson and Paula Pirani

All personalised bottles are filled with Optica's EV3+ Solution which has been independently certified by COLTS laboratories in the USA. That means EV3 has been tested and approved for

• Cleaning ability

• Abrasive value relative to intended use

• Effect on AR coated lenses

• Alcohol and ammonia free

COLTS Laboratories prides itself on maintaining the highest quality testing services and technical expertise. The lens cleaning solution test undertaken by COLTS includes a variety of cleaning challenges and abrasion assessment, as well as testing for potential harm to AR coatings.


A revolution in eyewear care, a new all in one cleaner for prescription eyewear and sunglasses. Made by the creators of the world famous LensPen, Peeps features the same unique carbon compound that has made LensPen products known and trusted for more than two decades to clean high-quality lenses on cameras, binoculars, scopes and other fine optics.

• Invisible carbon cleaning compound

• Safe for all eyewear lenses

• Won’t scratch or damage AR coatings

• Cleaning compound will not spill or dry out

• Unique self-replenishing tips

• Convenient, portable and environmentally friendly

• Soft brush made with natural goat hair

• Over 500 cleans

Branding options available.

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