EBAANZ honours donors and recipients

The Eye Bank Association of Australia and New Zealand (EBAANZ) has created a new logo and new-look website to honour organ donors and recipients.  


“Australians and New Zealanders who choose to become eye donors at the end of their life are invaluable for the sight restoration of other people awaiting a transplant, and we wanted our brand to reflect their contribution,” said EBAANZ chair Luke Weinel. 


The design uses the ‘eye’ to focus on our two nations, and the ‘eyelids’ to connect and symbolise the unique relationship between the donor and recipient, Weinel explained. “Our re-brand reflects the new life the gift of donation offers to recipients, and the vibrant colours intentionally attract attention to ensure the contributions donors make toward eye care are never forgotten.”  


There are six eye banks across Australia and New Zealand, located in Adelaide, Auckland, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. In 2020, there were 1,443 ANZ eye donors and 2,495 corneal transplants performed in ANZ. 


For more, see https://ebaanz.org/ 




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