Myopia’s impact on sclera shape

High myopes have a different anterior eye surface shape compared with emmetropes, potentially impacting contact lens fit, an Australian study has found. 


In this prospective, in-vivo study, using an eye surface profiler instrument, researchers compared the anterior scleral shape in 45 participants, aged between 18 and 35, where 15 where emmetropes, 15 low to moderate myopes and 15 high myopes (n=15).    


High myopes had a greater sagittal height in the nasal corneal periphery and anterior sclera and there was less nasal-temporal asymmetry of sagittal height and axial radius of curvature in high myopes than in emmetropes, reported co-author Hamed Niyazmand from the Queensland University of Technology. There were no significant differences between low to moderate myopes with emmetropes or with high myopes.  


“Asymmetric growth of the eye associated with myopia development may be the underlying reason,” said Niyazmand. “The findings have implications for design of contact lenses, particularly soft and larger rigid lenses such as mini-sclerals.” 


The study was published by Science Direct 



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