ACO partners with Pliny
Pliny founder James Manners

ACO partners with Pliny

August 9, 2021 Staff reporters

As part of its process of digital transformation, the Australian College of Optometry (ACO) has partnered with ocular diagnostic software firm Pliny to improve clinical software integration and provide an integrated view of patient diagnostic scans.


Developed by Australian businessman James Manners with the help of Melbourne-based cataract and glaucoma specialist Dr Heathcote Wright, Pliny is an ocular diagnostic information system created for ophthalmology and optometry settings. Implemented earlier this year, ACO has rolled out Pliny software across all its clinics. “I’m impressed with the ease of access to clinical images,” said ACO optometrist Mary Travis. “It is so useful that all of your various clinical instrument results can be assessed in real time on a single platform.”


With the ability to store and display scans from 12 different machine types, irrespective of manufacturer, and view both eyes at the same time, Pliny has had a positive impact on the speed at which staff can access data and has improved the clinical workflow of ACO clinics, said Travis. “Once installed, the process of adapting the software to your particular needs via feedback is very responsive.”


It also integrates with the popular practice management tool Optomate, allowing ACO’s eyecare practitioners to directly query patient information from compatible machines, saving time and reducing potential errors, said Janelle Scully, ACO lead optometrist in ocular disease services. “Pliny has a nice clean interface and is quite intuitive, so it has been really easy to learn to use. For our glaucoma clinic it is fantastic to be able to view the OCT, VF and fundus photos simultaneously, which allows you to appreciate the structure-function relationship and informs clinical decision-making.”