Dry Eye website launched
Leigh Plowman

Dry Eye website launched

April 7, 2020 Staff reporters

Dry Eye Directory, a website connecting dry eye sufferers to local practitioners, has been launched with practitioners from Australia, New Zealand and the US already registered.

The website is the creation of Leigh Plowman, a therapeutic optometrist practicing in Colac, Victoria, Australia. “Dry eye causes discomfort for millions of sufferers around the world and data shows that Google searches for “dry eye” have more than doubled over the last ten years. With our ever-increasing reliance on mobile and computer screens, that trend, and the number of dry eye sufferers, is likely to continue to rise,” said Plowman.

Suffering from dry eyes for many years, Plowman said it was his own experiences with the condition, coupled with the increasing number of patients coming to him after failing to find a cure with drops, that drove him to create Dry Eye Directory. “Many people attempt to treat dry eye with over the counter drops without success. Instead, Dry Eye Directory is committed to improving the lives of sufferers by connecting them to expert optometrists, ophthalmologists and remedies, including Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment,” he said.

The website is free for practitioners and patients to join and use, www.dryeyedirectory.com