Next-gen TearScience

May 23, 2022 Staff reporters

Johnson & Johnson Vision has unveiled its next-generation TearScience Activator Clear for more precise and fully automated treatment of meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD). The new system features a single-piece eye cup and translucent design, allowing more efficient and accurate positioning in the eye to deliver heat and pressure evenly across the entire lid, explained Sajjad Roshanali, director, J&J Vision.


“In my experience, TearScience LipiFlow is a targeted and drug-free solution for treating my MGD patients, significantly improving ocular surface symptoms, including dry eye, fluctuating vision and optical aberrations,” said Dr Jerry Hu, Texas Eye & Laser, US, who conducted a prospective, open-label clinical investigation on 44 participants (88 eyes) diagnosed with bilateral MGD. Assessing the clinical application using a questionnaire, the study found that the TearScience Activator Clear provided successful LipiFlow treatment in 100% of cases. “It allows me to see exactly where I’ve positioned the activator before and during treatment, which not only makes treatment more efficient, but also increases comfort for my patients,” said Dr Hu.


The TearScience Activator Clear also has a lesser environmental impact than its predecessor, using fewer raw materials in its manufacturing, said J&J Vision. It’s available in the US, Canada, Hong Kong, Chile and Argentina, and will be rolled out in other countries later in 2022.