Shamir launches new ‘superpowered’ lenses

Shamir is launching a new optical lens, Metaform, designed using nano-structure lens-manufacturing technology that offers a new breed of ‘superpowered’ lenses with all the optical features and coatings built in. 


The Metaform technology uses special materials and algorithms to ensure rapid production, uniform quality from lens to lens and clearer vision, said Yagen Moshe, CEO of Shamir Optical Industry. “We are proud to bring to the world the next technological revolution in the world of optics, breaking the boundaries of what’s possible in lens production.” 


The technology fuses a multi-feature Shamir-trademarked Preform overlay, combining a range of optical and physical properties. The overlay contains an optical film often used in the auto, aviation, and space industries due to its impact resistance, enabling a thinner, lighter lens, Moshe explained, making the lens up to 18 times stronger than the FDA standard requirements and up to 40% thinner and lighter than standard minus lenses. 


The Metaform production process is also up to 80% more energy efficient than many of the alternatives, with minimal water, chemical and energy consumption, leaving the smallest possible ecological footprint and minimising impact on the environment, Shamir said. Metaform will be available in a range of indexes and materials, with an Australia and New Zealand release date to be announced soon, the company said.  




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