WCO’s new myopia online resource

Building on its efforts to establish a global standard of care for myopia management, the World Council of Optometry (WCO) and CooperVision have launched an online resource providing multilingual assets and approaches to support myopia management.   


“This resource provides eyecare practitioners access to the information they need to implement a standard of care to treat or manage a patient’s myopia progression,” said WCO’s president Paul Folkesson. “Thanks to the support of CooperVision, information regarding the treatment of myopia is more accessible than ever before. This is just the start, as we work to provide more materials and educational programming through this collaborative partnership.” 


Tauranga-based optometrist Alex Petty, founding member of the New Zealand Myopia Action Group, said he had a look at the website and found it had some great resources, in line with modern accepted guidelines. “It’s more useful for someone new to myopia control but helpful for existing experts too, especially with guidance about how to work this into their practice.” 


The site is organised around the three main pillars of the evidence-based standard of care unanimously adopted by the WCO board: mitigation, measurement and management. Each pillar provides a list of papers and studies that have been distilled into one-page ‘Myopia Moments’, available in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish. 


The resources are available at: https://myopia.worldcouncilofoptometry.info/ 




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