AI to aid early AMD detection

April 30, 2024 Staff reporters

A new European research project will pioneer an artificial intelligence (AI) -based programme to identify and monitor age-related macular degeneration (AMD) at its earliest stages. 


Leveraging AI and cloud technology, together with OCT scanners and expertise within optometry, the I-SCREEN project will empower primary care optometrists to diagnose AMD earlier and facilitate more timely treatment by efficient referral to secondary care, said project lead Dr Ruth Hogg from the Centre for Public Health at Queen’s University Belfast.  


Dr Hogg and her team will recruit patients with intermediate AMD to follow for two years to identify the earliest stage of transition to late AMD to help refine the AI models intended for use in the community. 


Bringing together 12 partnering institutions from across Europe, I-SCREEN will receive more than €4.7million (NZ$8.5m) over the next four years from the European Innovation Council’s Pathfinder programme.