Patient focus and local knowledge – key for revenue growth
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Patient focus and local knowledge – key for revenue growth

October 13, 2023 Campbell Wiltshire

Running a successful optometry practice in New Zealand requires a combination of top-notch eyecare services and strategic approaches to maximise revenue. As the country’s healthcare landscape evolves, optometrists must adapt to the unique needs and preferences of their patients. Here, I explore eight effective strategies tailored to the New Zealand market to help you strengthen your optometry practice's financial health.


Highlight specialised treatments


To attract a diverse patient base, consider showcasing any specialised treatments such as vision therapy, myopia control, dry eye management and low-vision services. Promote these services as part of your commitment to providing comprehensive eyecare tailored to the specific needs of Kiwis.


Curate a Kiwi-focused optical dispensary


Invest in a diverse eyewear collection that reflects the unique fashion preferences of New Zealanders. Offer a range of stylish and practical eyewear to suit different budgets and lifestyles. Well-trained staff providing personalised recommendations will create a positive experience for your patients, leading to repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals. Discussing these successes with other practices is always a fantastic way to determine what’s on trend.


Create membership plans


Develop membership plans that appeal to New Zealanders, with benefits such as discounted eye examinations, exclusive services or reduced prices on glasses and contact lenses. These plans can foster patient loyalty and provide a predictable income stream for your practice.


Promote local patient education


Kiwi patients appreciate informative and transparent healthcare. Focus on patient education during appointments and utilise your website and social media platforms to share informative content that resonates with the New Zealand population. Hosting local educational events can further position your practice as a trusted authority, attracting new patients and increasing revenue opportunities.


Consider integrating telehealth services


The geographic diversity of New Zealand makes telehealth services invaluable. By implementing telehealth options, you can extend your reach to patients in remote areas or those unable to visit your practice physically. Offering virtual consultations and remote monitoring can enhance patient convenience and create additional revenue opportunities.


Target online marketing to Kiwis


Optimising your online marketing efforts is crucial. Utilise local SEO strategies to ensure your practice appears prominently in local search results. Engaging content tailored to your audiences on social media platforms can help build a stronger online presence and increase patient enquiries. Do not overcommit to this area, though, as there are diminishing returns for online marketing in this industry – especially as it relates to the independent sector.


Optimise efficiency and patient experience


Efficient practice management is crucial for success in New Zealand's competitive landscape. Implement an intuitive appointment-scheduling system and streamline administrative tasks to reduce wait times and enhance patient satisfaction. A positive patient experience will lead to increased loyalty and positive reviews, driving referrals and revenue growth.


Foster word-of-mouth referrals


Word-of-mouth referrals hold considerable influence in New Zealand. Discounts or rewards programmes can encourage patient referrals. By creating a patient-centred practice that prioritises individual needs, you will generate satisfied patients eager to recommend your services. Finding a way to transfer these practice champions into Google reviews is also a fantastic value-add for all your hard work.


By tailoring your optometry practice's strategies to the unique preferences and needs of the New Zealand market, you can enhance revenue generation and ensure its long-term success. Providing specialised services, embracing technology and fostering positive patient experiences will help you build a thriving optometry practice that prospers in this country’s diverse and dynamic optometry landscape.


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Campbell Wiltshire is the Independent Optometry Group’s business development and marketing manager. To find out more about how IOGroup can help your practice thrive, get in touch with him at or IOGroup’s CEO Neil Human at