Presbyopia drops’ trial success
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Presbyopia drops’ trial success

May 15, 2023 Staff reporters

Visus Therapeutics announced Brimochol PF, its preservative-free ophthalmic solution for the treatment of presbyopia, met its primary and secondary endpoints in the phase 3 BRIO-I clinical trial. 


Brimochol PF is an investigational once-daily eye drop to correct near-vision loss associated with presbyopia; it combines carbachol, a cholinergic miotic agent, and brimonidine tartrate, an alpha-2 agonist. The BRIO-I topline data demonstrated a rapid and durable improvement in near visual acuity and Brimochol PF performed better than each of its individual components separately, said Dr Rhett Schiffman, Visus co-founder, chief medical officer and head of research and development.  


“Importantly, there is a gentle wearing-off of its miotic effect over 10 hours that is still sufficient to provide clinically meaningful improvements in visual performance over a full work day, while minimising the likelihood of nighttime vision difficulties that can occur if miosis lasts too long,” he said. In their masked, self-reported assessments, study subjects rated the duration of Brimochol PF, on average, as 'just right', according to the company. 


According to Visus, the drops were well-tolerated with headache rates of less than 10% and no treatment-related serious adverse events were reported.