SPONSORED: Pathway to success: EssilorLuxottica EyeLaunch

May 23, 2024 Sponsored feature

The glittering lights of the W Sydney hotel welcomed over 100 attendees to one of the most anticipated events for graduate optometrists – EyeLaunch. Organised by EssilorLuxottica ANZ, this year’s induction was a gateway to the future for aspiring graduate optometrists across Australia and New Zealand. This year's cohort stepped into a whirlwind of learning and networking opportunities designed to equip them for their new roles within EssilorLuxottica. From educational sessions to interactive workshops and social events, EyeLaunch set the tone for an impactful experience.


The conference kicked off with a welcome evening at the EssilorLuxottica office in North Sydney. Throughout the conference, graduates were treated to insights from industry experts and leaders, including Dr Kate Gifford, who delved into the latest advancements in myopia control, as well as helpful tips on clinical prescribing and communication.

Throughout EyeLaunch, graduates were immersed in practical sessions, from elevator pitches to workshops on communication styles through the DISC (dominance, influence, steadiness and conscientiousness) framework, the conference was a blend of professional development and networking opportunities.


EyeLaunch is not just a standalone event; it's the beginning of a two-year programme designed to foster the growth and success of graduate optometrists. Its success lies in its structured yet adaptable approach. Graduates begin with one-hour appointments, working alongside an optometry mentor. A team of eyecare leaders then guide them through structured learning objectives and provide ongoing support, all tailored to their career aspirations. Whether aspiring to become an amazing clinical optometrist or future business leader, EssilorLuxottica offers a pathway to support every graduate in finding their success.


The induction also shed light on EssilorLuxottica's investment in eyecare. Graduates were introduced to cutting-edge eyecare and eyewear technology, premium eyewear portfolios and opportunities to be involved with philanthropic initiatives such as the OneSight EssilorLuxottica Foundation, to broaden their impact.


Following EyeLaunch, graduates are offered numerous avenues for personal and professional growth. This includes access to a vast library of complimentary CPD and leadership modules through EssilorLuxottica's innovative learning platform, Leonardo, key opinion leader programmes and much more.


With access to diverse opportunities, a rich support network and the time to practice full-scope optometry, EssilorLuxottica graduate optometrists are set on a clear pathway to success.