Progress for DED peptide treatment
Artificial peptide. Credit: Vikram Mulligan, Washington University

Progress for DED peptide treatment

September 21, 2023 Staff reporters

A novel synthetic peptide with anti-inflammatory properties potentially suited to DED management is the subject of a phase 2 clinical trial.


South Korea’s Yuyu Pharma received clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration for its investigational new drug application for YP-P10 ophthalmic solution in April 2022. Yuyu CEO Robert Wonsang Yu said peptides have the potential to provide more targeted therapy because they usually exert strong binding affinity and specificity to the target compared with small molecules. They also do not have the disadvantages of biologics, such as low stability, expensive manufacturing costs, difficulty for patients to take, low tissue penetration and limited shelf life, he said.


A 2012 paper published in Drug Discovery Today explained peptides – the short half-life, rapid clearance and lack of oral availability of which have previously made them an unpopular choice for therapeutic development – have come to the fore due to recent manufacturing innovations and delivery methods.